Tuesday, January 1, 2013

At the park

Today we went to the park as we usually do, but things went a little differently this time. I know you love to explore, so though I was a little hesitant being on my own, I took you out of the stroller and put you on the tunnel slide.
 If you fell, you'd fall on the soft clay like surface , so I wasn't worried, but I still guarded you like a hawk.

I put you back in the stroller and wheeled you over to the the little green spiral ladder and you explored from that vantage point as you hung on to the lower rungs.

When you got tired you sat on the ground and picked at the leaves, twigs and dirt. I was watching you carefully to make sure you didn't put anything in your mouth, but I didn't have to worry. At a year old you are such a big girl already! You curiously inspected your dirty hands, brushed them off and then clasped your hands together and just sat there like a little angel! I was so proud!

 Since you are so light, I picked you up and off we went to the horsey chair. I sat you on it and you played for awhile.
 I couldn't believe that I was in the park with you alone and you weren't just sitting in the stroller as usual.

When you had had enough you crawled over to my legs, grabbed on with your tiny hands and started to climb up my legs. I loved that feeling. Baby telling mommy I need you, hold me. I picked you up and put you back in your stroller. Our time in the park was short and sweet. It's a time I think I will always remember...just us playing in the park.

We went back upstairs and I nursed you. You may be a year old and you are already such a little person, but I'm not ready to give up nursing you to sleep yet. You're still my little baby