Sunday, September 29, 2013

Victory Steps

I DID IT!!! I walked down the stairs with Naama! 

For awhile now, I have been able to walk up stairs with Naama as she held my hand, but walking down stairs with Naama is a whole different ball of wax as far as maintaining our balance is concerned.

Today, we were running late to daycare. The daycare lady can't leave the kids to help me down the stairs with Naama, so usually I run into a parent or I'll even ask someone off the street to take Naama down the 5 brick stairs, but no one was around. Truthfully, I was kind of relieved I didn't see anyone on the street, because when I ask for help, people don't seem to understand why I can't take the stroller down the stairs until I say I'm disabled and I hate explaining. I feel like wearing an explanatory sign around my neck which says I HAVE CEREBRAL PALSY. PLEASE HELP!! 

With no help available, I had to get Naama down the stairs on my own. Without thinking too much, I took Naama's diaper bag down the stairs. Once back up the stairs, I took Naama out of her stroller. Since I planned on walking side by side down the stairs with Naama, I held on to the side fence for stability and told Naama to take my other hand. 

"No mommy." 

Naama walked across from me, held on to the side fence with one hand and waited. I was a bit nervous because now I’d have to lead her down the stairs without having the fence in reach for stability, but I realized by getting in front of Naama and leading her down, I could get her down the stairs better than I initially planned on the opposite side, where I probably would’ve ended up pulling her arm down too much had we descended the stairs side by side. I wouldn’t have realized that if Naama hadn’t decided to walk to the other side of the stairs. Smart cookie my baby.

“Wait for mommy,” I said as I crossed to her and descended a few stairs ahead of her. I held on to the fence with one hand to make sure I was stable before leading Naama down. Naama saw this as an opportunity to try and jump into my arms. She got ready to propel herself into my arms.


Naama straightened up and followed my instructions.

“Take mommy’s hand and step down slowly,” I said.

Naama held on to the side fence with one hand, put her small hand in mine and took a step down. It worked! I was thrilled but didn’t let triumph overtake just yet. We still had a few more stairs to go.

“That’s it, take another step,” I encouraged.  Naama went down another step. When we reached the bottom, I just stood there, stunned. I can’t believe we just did that!! I felt like jumping up and down shouting WE DID IT WE DID IT!! but that would scare Naama and there was no one around to hear me anyway.

On my walk home, I felt so light, I could’ve flown home if I had wings. My whole world just changed with a few small steps.