Thursday, July 5, 2012

High time

Meet my latest challenge.

It's a great little highchair and it's adjustable. It even has a cute little tag on it that says
Good baby as opposed to what?? Bad baby?? :)

Jokes aside, I'm just concerned I won't be able to put Naama in the highchair. I don't think I can lift her from her stroller while standing and place her in the highchair. I'm afraid I may lose my balance with the height differences even though the highchair is adjustable....maybe if I transfer her while sitting? I won't know until I try, but that's tomorrow's challenge....

Now that Naama has been eating solids at least once a day for over a month already, it was time to get her a highchair. Until now, we were feeding her in her stroller or with someone else holding her. Feeding her in the stroller was doing a number on my back. I also think it may be the reason she got more food on her than in her.

Little miss independent wants to feed herself!!
Now she eats all proper in her chair.
My little baby is growing up too fast for me! I knew she'd have to start eating solids soon, but I wanted to nurse her for as long as I could so I kept pushing off buying the rice cereal=) Nursing time belongs to just the two of us. I call her my little monkey because she will literally wrap her fingers, hands and legs around me as I'm nursing.

When we were in the supermarket, my husband picked up the rice cereal. As I started to read the instructions I realized I was supposed to substitute a nursing session so that she could have rice cereal mixed with my milk. I thought she was just supposed to have a teaspoon or two, not substitute a feed! I'm not a person who cries easily, but I found myself tearing up as I said "No. I'm not doing this" and I put the rice cereal back on the shelf. My husband said he understood, but apparently when I wasn't looking he tossed the rice cereal back into our shopping cart.

I eventually came to my senses and realized that I could really benefit from Naama eating rice cereal at least once a day. On the days I'm on my own with Naama, I nurse her from my left side and just pump from my right side. Now instead of just having milk, Naama could eat rice cereal after nursing and be fuller longer, which meant that I wouldn't have to nurse her so often. I love nursing her, it just isn't always so easy on my own