Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We have arrived at toddlerhood and I LOVE it!!

 In April, at 15.5 months old, Naama took her first steps and my husband and I were both there to see it! It was a Friday afternoon. We were talking on the couch. Naama was sitting across from us in her music chair. All of a sudden, I saw Naama stand up shakily, but confidently. She had a big smile on her face. Sensing what was about to happen, I whispered excitedly to my husband "look I think shes gonna walk!" and sure enough Naama took 3 big strides to the couch where we caught her in our arms and congratulated her with hugs and kisses. I am so happy we were there for that moment instead of hearing about her first steps from daycare.

For awhile after she took her first steps, she didn't take anymore for a few weeks. Then, one night as I was putting groceries away, I turned around just as my husband exclaimed "Mommy look!" I saw Naama  walking across the kitchen floor like a pro! I was so proud! but I was a little sad too. My baby wasn't such a little baby anymore. Time was REALLY flying!!

From that moment, Naama was toddling everywhere! She was so proud of her accomplishment, she giggled whenever she walked around. There is nothing more infectious and precious than a baby's laugh.

Now with Naama on the go, we were on the search for real shoes. My father who flew in for a short visit, took Naama and me to the mall to buy baby shoes. It was so cute watching the saleslady measure her little foot. We chose a few pairs of shoes and Naama loved trying them on

 After picking a pair, my father put the shoes on Naama's feet. She was hooked! Naama took my father's hand and they walked together out of the store and headed towards the ice cream stands. THAT was a moment I had to capture=)

Heading towards ice cream!

Seriously, how precious are those pictures?!

For me, the best moment so far of toddlerhood is when Naama reaches for my hand and we walk together. Naama's little hand clutching mommy's bigger hand, pulling me to walk faster with her. Because of our obvious height difference, it's hard to keep an even pace with her, so I'm afraid I'll lose my balance when we walk together, so I always make sure to walk slightly away from her body while still holding her hand, especially since we don't walk that far before she decides to abruptly sit down. There is nothing better on this earth, than walking hand in hand with my baby girl. It's something I never thought I would do and it's something that never gets old. Each time Naama takes my hand, my heart melts.I can't believe I'm walking with MY daughter.

 We walk around the house and we walk around the park. Naama loves the park and what kid doesnt???   I have gained the confidence to slide Naama halfway down the slide and put her on the rocking horse, but I never put Naama in the bucket swing in the park since the swing isn't stable. I was always afraid I'd lose my balance if Naama wasn't super still in transferring. I always felt bad when she'd point to the swing and make noises, letting me know she wanted to go on the swing. Yesterday with my husband watching, I put Naama in the swing and took her out twice. I was amazed at how easy it was and how similar the action was to transferring her to or from her highchair. Getting her in the swing may seem like a small thing, but i felt so liberated, here was another thing I could do on my own with Naama. I was also happy for Naama because now she doesn't have to miss out on the swing when I take her to the park.