Monday, November 5, 2012

Picture Perfect

Today was anything but perfect. I finally organized a cleaning lady and she didn't show because she lost her keys, so my house stayed messy and dishes undone until Naama napped, but she didnt nap=(. I was exhausted from being on mommy duty all day and then my husband told me he had to go to Jerusalem for a few hours.

Camp mommy ain't over yet!

When I'm alone with Naama I always have to think one step ahead. Sometimes, like today, it gets really tiring doing things the long way by putting her in the stroller to get around the house, moving around furniture to transfer Naama safely if I'm not putting her in the stroller, and having to get all her changing stuff and put it on our bed instead of her changing table because it's safer to change her on the bed. Sometimes I just want to take a shortcut and walk with Naama in my arms from point A to point B, but I'm not willing to put her safety at risk. However, when she crawls away from her floor mats, I do pick her up and walk her back over to her mats. Short distances I can do, but I'm not willing to do more than that because I'm scared I'll trip and fall. Because things take longer to do when I'm alone with Naama, she definitely cries more out of frustration, so that's difficult for me.

Once my husband left for Jerusalem, I put Naama in her Go Around Activity Center and started to do the mountain of dishes. I LOVE this toy! It keeps her busy and more importantly it keeps her contained!

Occasionally I give her a napkin she can tear to her heart's delight. She loves that.
After awhile Naama started to get fussy and wanted to eat. As I walked toward her, I stepped on some Cheerios Naama had thrown on the floor. I groaned but then thought what's a few crushed cheerios when the house was already a mess?? Doggie came over and inhaled the rest of the cereal:) Doggie loves eating whatever she drops and with the amount he eats, I feel like I buy cheerios for Doggie instead of Naama.

I wasn't in the mood to take Naama out of her toy, put her in her stroller and take her out once I got to the couch to nurse her and I had a feeling Naama wasn't going to have patience for that either, so I slowly dragged a standing Naama in the Go Around toy to the couch. Naama's cry turned into a wail with tears and I immediately had an image of Fred Flinstone starting his car with his feet, which is kind of what Naama ended up doing as I dragged the toy. I think I hurt her little feet by possibly dragging the toy too fast. My heart broke to see her tears, but dragging her over was faster than putting her in stroller. As Naama saw me getting ready to nurse, she reached for me as if to say please mommy take me out of my prison, I need you. But even when Naama is crying to nurse, I set myself up with the computer first so I can watch TV. Since Naama usually falls asleep while she nurses, I didn't want to spend who knows how long staring at the wall while I nursed and there's only so long I can stare at my baby's face as cute as she is. I worked as fast as I could and I sat down to nurse her. I checked her little feet for any damage, gave them kisses and within 5 minutes she nursed to sleep and it looked like she was out for the night.

Shortly afterwards, my husband texted me that he was almost home. I hoped he had taken his key.
Unfortunately my husband didn't have his key. Doggie heard my husband at the door and barked, waking Naama from a deep sleep. Because she was still half asleep, Naama was all confused when I went to put her down on the floor to get the door. I can't walk with her in my arms because I'm afraid I'll trip and fall. What followed were the most heartbreaking but most delicious 15 minutes ever. Every time I tried to put Naama on the floor, she cried and grabbed at my shirt with her little hands, clinging to me for dear life. My husband texted me that he needed the bathroom. I felt so bad. I couldn't let him in. Of course Naama chooses this time to be extra clingy! She kept snuggling her small body into mine. she didn't want me to let her go. Doggie continued to bark and then whine which I realized really scared Naama because she was confused as to  why Doggie was barking and she didn't know why mommy wanted to put her on a cold, hard floor instead of snuggling with her.

Eventually, I was able to open the door for my husband. Naama was screaming on the floor, but I had no choice but to pry her from me and leave her on the floor. Thankfully afterward Naama and Doggie were happy again=)